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Sustainability and Stakeholder Engagement

Part of our business and operational development is engaging with stakeholders as their interests play an important role in the Company’s business activities and success. Given our presence on a global and local realm, we have taken measures to address and meet stakeholder interests. To meet this interest, we incorporate ESG disclosures into its quarterly presentations, financial reports, and produce an annual Sustainability Report. To further reach our stakeholders, the 2020 Sustainability Report has been translated into three languages – English, Swedish, and Portuguese. These Reports have been distributed to stakeholders and are all also accessible on the website. To gain further insight to the Company’s ESG and sustainability objectives stakeholders can connect with us at the esg@mahaenergy.ca email.

On a local level, we have taken an active role in creating an outreach program that allow local stakeholders, like community members and vendors, to connect directly with us. As part of our commitment to engage in a transparent, formal, and respectful dialogue with local stakeholders, the MahaConnect program offers a new official channel of communication – check out the MahaConnect webpage by clicking the MahaConnect button in the top right hand corner.

Simply recognizing that Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors are of stakeholder interest and that such factors may lead to material and financial impacts for the business is not enough; we seek to take actions to better disclose and enhance its ESG initiatives. Reporting and disclosing transparent and comprehendible information that allow stakeholders to monitor our progress and commitments underpins the our ESG strategy.