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Health & Safety

Providing a Safe and Healthy Work Environment for All

The Maha Team is made up of diverse and talented people, spread across the globe, all of whom contribute to the overall success of the Company.  Our team is our most valuable asset and key resource in exploring and developing business opportunities. As our most valuable asset, we strive to ensure the health, safety and well-being of every employee and anyone involved with our activities by emphasizing individual risk assessments and safe work practices. We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to achieve our ongoing goal of no lost time incidents.

Causes of injuries and illnesses at work can be immediate, such as in the case of falls and accidents involving machinery; or gradual, in the case of repetitive motion injuries. The HSE team at Maha have taken actions to address both types of occupational injuries and illnesses.

Our HSE Policy acts a guide in improving and maintaining a safe work environment, however, safety at Maha is viewed as a mindset and a culture rather than a procedure or protocol. Safety culture is the collection of beliefs shared amongst colleagues that value safe work in all daily activities. The creation of a safety culture and individual beliefs is done through the active participation of every individual at Maha. This means individuals must place emphasis on individual risk assessments, safe work practices, and safety conversations. We listen to all employees and stakeholders and their safety concerns through the DuPont™ STOP® Safety Program. The Behavioral Safety Program aims to change the thinking and behavior of people towards a safety-oriented mindset. Participants of the program are given safety information, real-world examples, and skills to work more safely. This program has been studied, tested, and proven to help reduce accidents and injuries at the workplace.

Maha strives to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees, contractors and suppliers. This means the safety of life, limb, environment and property always comes first – in that order.

Creating a Culture of Safety

We are committed to creating a culture of safety by listening to the people and their safety concerns. We have also implemented the DuPont STOP® Safety Program that helps create a safety culture at Maha. The safety program, offers insight to safety concerns and safety excellence through the utilization of formal observations and informal safety conversations. The formal safety observations uses safety cards that focus on the work environment, the work activities, the tools used, the protective equipment used, and the individual person’s actions and interactions with the work environment. The Safety Observation Cards help us understand and improve the safety environment at the workplace, it also enforces a safety mindset in the participants. Completing Safety Observations Cards encourages proactive identification and corrections of potential safety risks and hazards as well as enforcing safe thinking at the workplace. Every month, the Maha collects Safety Observation Cards from the participants. The HSE team then reviews each safety concern and strives to eliminate and address potential identified issues. The Safety Program aims to change the thinking and behavior of people towards a safety-oriented mindset. The Program gives people the information, real-world practice, and skills to work more safely. This program has been studied, tested, and proven to help reduce accidents and injuries.

At Maha, we believe safety is a mindset and a culture rather than procedure or protocol. 

In line with the DuPont STOP® Safety Program, we believe that all of our employees have a shared responsibility in maintaining a respectful and safe work environment. This means looking out for one another as well as avoid placing one’s self or others at risk. Any employee, contractor or visitor at Maha has the responsibility and authority to refuse and stop work at any time on the basis it is deemed unsafe to the individual, property, and/or the environment.


Safety Moments

Part of Maha’s safety culture is the regular safety discussions and training. These safety awareness moments help team members identify and eliminate potential occupational hazards and risks as well as incorporate individual risk assessments into work routines. In addition to these regular safety moments, emergency safety drills are conducted throughout the year. These interactive drills are designed to enhance emergency response preparation, test alarm systems, identify response improvements, as well as provide an opportunity for personnel to gain experience in specific emergencies.

Safety Preparedness

In fall of 2021, Maha improved and expanded the safety preparedness by adding an upgraded ambulance at its Tie Field. The standby ambulance is equipped with an extensive First Aid Response Kit and a gurney. An emergency response team of 16 individuals, including the on-site medic, are also part of the enhanced safety preparedness at Maha; all whom are trained and prepared to handle on-site injuries. 

Throughout 2021, Maha also enhanced its mobile Health, Safety, and Environment response trailers at all of its facilities. These standby trailers are equipped with First Aide response items, fire-fighting items, and spill clean-up equipment.