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Maha Team

Diversity and Teamwork

Recruiting and retaining diverse talent is an essential part of our overall business success. All employment-related decisions are based on merit, relevant qualifications, performance, and experience. We have committed to promote equal opportunities and all employees, regardless of gender, social or ethnic origin, religion, age, functional ability, sexual orientation, nationality, political opinion, or trade union membership have equal rights, obligations, and opportunities regarding employment and working conditions, training, and development.

In addition to promoting equal opportunities, Maha has a zero tolerance for discrimination. Part of eliminating discrimination in the workforce, we have focused on fostering a culture of respect. This means that we treat everyone with fairness, dignity, and respect. We are committed to respecting the rights of employees, contractors, communities, and other stakeholders that may be influenced by the Company’s operations and activities.

In order to foster innovation and business solutions, we rely greatly on our employee expertise, collaboration, and teamwork. As part of Maha’s strategy to promote teamwork across all levels of the organization, we have set up a horizontal organizational structure that allows employees to connect with all members of the team – regardless of job title or department. This means Maha’s Management Team has committed to remaining open and approachable so employees can raise concerns and ideas without the fear of harassment, intimidation or repercussion. Respect for our employees and the people we work with is an integral part of Maha's business practice. We encourage dialogue, active listening, and collaboration systems to help share suggestions and ideas amongst the Team. We value information sharing within the Company, but recognize that it must be managed responsibly and transparently to promote initiatives that turn personal knowledge into shared knowledge. 

We believe respect in the workplace creates empowerment at every level along with increased productivity.

Support and teamwork are important elements in any workplace, and at Maha we encourage collaboration and support between employees at all levels of expertise. We truly believe that to strive for excellence our job must be fun, challenging and rewarding.

A Look at the Maha Team

The Maha Team is made up of a diverse and talented workforce, spread across the globe, all of whom contribute to the overall success of the Company. The Maha Team goes beyond simply exploring for oil and gas; we explore new concepts and solutions. The workforce diversity are fundamental pillars to our operations and success as it aids in different perspectives and ideas. Workplace diversity and inclusion for Maha goes beyond the traditional concepts of gender, age, and ethnicity; it is more about the wider range of people who add value to the business. We value original thinkers with different life experiences and knowledge. Original and critical thinkers challenge box-checking practices, think beyond conventional solutions, and help drive innovation. These thinkers help push us to find better, more effective, and efficient solutions to any operational, business, and sustainability situation.


At Maha, we believe a diverse, talented, innovative, and hardworking workforce will lead us in reaching our targeted business goals and delivering our key objectives. We believe diversity in the workforce gives us a competitive edge.

Employee Breakdown


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*Senior Management.

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Consultants and Contractors

As Maha is an upstream oil and gas operation, it relies on specialized talents for different phases of its operations. To reduce operational delay risks and costs as well as contribute to the local economy, we aim to contract and sub-contract locally. 

Consultants and contractors are also closely connected to our operations and success. It is common for the hydrocarbon industry to hire contract services to perform specific and specialized tasks – especially in the upstream sector of oil and gas. Upstream oil and gas activities are very cyclical and may periodically use specialized talents. We are committed to ensure the same high level of professional conduct with our contractors and consultants as we do with our employees. We encourage an open and transparent dialogue with our contractors to improve the work environment and ensure safe and efficient work.

Local Employment and Procurement

As Maha grows and expands field operations, economic benefits trickle into the local economy through the hiring of local goods and services. We seek to create positive societal and economic impact across our value chain and contribute tax revenues to the government where which we work in.

At Maha, we believe in fostering talent on a national and local level. Hiring local talent provides immediate individual benefit, contributes to the local economy, makes good economic sense, and benefits local communities. It also helps attract and retain talent, suppliers, clients, and business partners as local entities are not disrupted by a transfer of knowledge. 100% of our in country general directors/managers are from the country we operate in. It is important these key managers are of national talent, since not only do they contribute with their oil and gas experience and education, but also contribute to Maha by navigating the cultural and societal realm.

Meet Our National Talents

Meet Luciana – General Director of Maha Energy Brasil Lta.

Luciana has over 20 years of professional experience in the Oil & Gas industry, both from onshore and offshore. She held a Finance Manager position at Kerr McGee, a Head of Finance position at Anadarko and then held a Finance and Administration Director position at Gran Tierra Energy. She studied at Federal University in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and has a post-graduate degree in Finance and an Executive MBA in Energy and Petroleum. Luciana joined Maha in 2017 and became Maha’s General Director of Brazil in December 2018. 

“Maha has given me the opportunity to develop a holistic view and approach to the business. While my governance background has given me the tools to analyze and develop processes and procedures for the Company, working closely with the operational teams has allowed me to understand and support the daily challenges and opportunities of the business.” 

- Luciana Borges